Unique Opportunities

I am not going to say anything new about worship leaders: their struggles are the same all around the world. As we have traveled, God has blessed our family by allowing us to observe many different styles of ministry. We have learned that the way we lead worship will never be the same again. Here are some examples of what I’ve seen in different countries and cultures among worship leaders.

Worship will never be the same

– people often underestimate the importance of a professional worship leader who not only has musical ability but also the ability to organize the worship team.

– we tend to spend too much time with music and often forget to lead and develop people and teams.

– we can easily find ourselves leading something we didn’t expect to lead.

As worship leaders we can easily find ourselves leading something we didn't expect to lead. Click To Tweet

Many blog posts and other resources have been uploaded by others sharing how to keep worship authentic and there are very good resources you can google pertaining to this area of worship ministry. These two friends can help you with music leadership and church leadership, but I’m sure you know many other resources too.

My ideas below are my imperfect attempt to share an additional perspective regarding the uniqueness of worship itself.

Worship will never be the same.

I am assuming we know to whom we offer our worship and why we worship. The nature of God, and what He has done for us is more than enough to turn our hearts to Him and worship with every cell of our bodies. But until we are with Him, our understanding of His person and work is imperfect. That is when reflecting on earlier experiences becomes useful.

Worship will never be the same

I love humor! I also like jokes, but something unique happens when someone brings a smart unrepeatable funny comment that fits perfectly with what is happening right then. It makes a big difference, doesn’t it? It only lasts for a few seconds but, let me tell you, I’ve  found myself laughing to tears about one of these comments years later!

Worship is not really different from that. Worship, like any other human activity, is circumscribed to the present. That means our next worship experience, either corporate or personal, with or without music, will be a unique moment. Unrepeatable! You won’t be able to go back to say that comment you didn’t say at the right moment. Just doesn’t work!

So, here we are with four big questions:

1) Are we going to play as if each worship services is a unique moment?

2) Are we going to play that note or chord that is perfect for that specific moment?

3) Are we going to choose the songs and Bible verses for a once in a lifetime worship experience?

4) When the moment comes calling, are we going to embrace the beauty of a unique moment with our Savior or will we miss that (Luke 10:38-42)?

What other thoughts help you remember the importance of worship?

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