One of the things about Jazz  I like the most is something I heard a couple years ago:

“Jazz  is very difficult do be defined but very easily distinguished”.

This absolutely non technical description about Jazz music kept my attention and made me think about certain things around us that are the same way.

In the worship ministry, I think we should consider this “difficult to define” concepts. Sometimes, we as worship leaders miss the hole point of worship when trying to define a specific position regarding to what to dress or not, or if a worship leader should close his eyes or not during a performance and many other particular issues.

Like in Jazz music you would never stop saying it is Jazz if the singer performs either this or that way, we may loose the essence of worship if we try do define it in terms of performance.

Of course, there are things that DO define worship (probably none of them has to do with music at all), but very often we forget about this things and start thinking on too many details.

I will share my non technical description about true Worship: “Real worship is very hard to be described, but very easily recognized”. Keep this in mind.

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