This is the time in the year that everyone is somehow connected to the Cross. Music, activities, vacation, everything remind us we need to look at the cross and reflect on the work of Jesus.

What is our cross

As we are exposed to this, we tend to forget one of the most simple facts about the Cross.It’s actually a simple piece of wood. Please, don’t misunderstand me. I do believe it’s the most powerful symbol of Christianity. It, along with the resurrection of Jesus, is what differentiates our world view from the rest. Our faith is in vain without the meaning of it (1 Co 5:14).

The cross and the resurrection are what differentiates Christianity from any other worldview. Click To Tweet

But, as we look at the cross and embrace our own as the Bible says, this simple fact becomes more important. It’s a piece of lumber.

I come from a furniture background. I used to work in my family business designing dental furniture. A very important issue, if not the most, was what raw materials we would choose to make our designs. Different raw materials will give you a different kind of furniture. Some will last longer, some will be lighter, some will smell really good and some will allow you to have a polished surface that will not get warped.

We can only understand the worth of the Cross after reflecting on our own sin. Click To Tweet

Our decision: What is our cross made of?

I think we face the same kind of decisions when we approach the Christian life.

1) Some of us choose to believe in a light lumber cross that will not resist the first summer rain (we want things to be easy).

2) Some of us choose to design our own cross with easy-to-work-with wood which is not “blood resistant”.

What is our cross

3) Others decide what material to use because of it’s smell.

4) But only a few of us will choose the everlasting timber of which the most important symbol of the human history was made of. A raw material where the Savior’s blood was poured out. A wood that witnessed the Son of God pleading for those who took him to the heaviest cross ever created.

The question is on the table. Which kind of cross are we committed to? What is our cross made of? Is it the cross described in the Bible or is it our own fancy version made with perishable timber? Share your comments or personal experience on how God has taught you the real meaning of the cross.

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