Let’s face it! Sooner or later, as worship leaders, we will be facing an uncomfortable situation of trying to lead our congregation into the presence of the Lord when our hearts are not in the right place. It will happen (if it hasn’t happened already).


So, what should we do? Should we step back and let others do our ministry? Should we avoid taking on a leadership position, if we don’t have everything under control in our lives or a situation?

First off, I do believe we must make sure there are things we are taking care of before embracing the challenge of a leadership position at the church (1 Tim 3:1-7).

The entire Bible teaches us that our approach to God should be done appropriately — even when it comes to our giving (Mt 5:23).

There'll be moments in ministry when we'll #fail, but there's still room for #Grace Click To Tweet

However, today I want to highlight a different aspect of our ministry as worship leaders. Moments exist when your ministry situation turns out less than ideal. But this does not open the door for a sinful attitude among our leaders. I am trying to say that bad moments will occur to all of us. I’ve been there a couple times more than I wished to!

Here’s the bottom line:God is more important

God is more important than you are. Period. He is going to use your sinful, disobedient and immature character for His Glory in spite of you. (He has done that with me numerous times!).

Of course, He DOES care about our hearts and our sanctification. The whole Bible talks about it! Just take a look to Psalm 51, and you will agree that God is more interested in our obedience than our performance.

Having said that, there will come a moment in your ministry (since we are under the spotlight) when a simple prayer will be your last chance to ask for God to take control of the situation. Do not be ashamed! He has used donkeys before (Num 22:21-35), and you won’t be the first one 🙂

When the lights turn off, take some time to reflect and reason together with God (Isa 1:18) Click To Tweet

The next time you are about to get on stage and feel it’s going to be nothing but an empty performance, just pray to God and ask for His mercy. Ask that He will use your team for His glory and His glory alone, in spite of you. And after that, when the lights turn off, take some time to reflect and reason together with God (Isa 1:18). His mercy and grace are one prayer ahead of you. And for that we can be grateful.

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