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As the best quote of Spiderman says: “with great power comes great responsibility”. Well, maybe the analogy is not perfect, but in our case I’d say: “with great ministry comes great financial need” πŸ™‚


We love sharing our music and worship ministry content, but one of our main activities is to share God’s Word as Missionaries in Latin America.

If you want to support us or learn more about our missions workΒ click here.

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  1. in the great Love chapter in 1 Cor. 13 clngaing symbols .Yet it can be so easy to go down that road of people pleasing just because its the christian thing to do’ . . . And thats when we need to repent and turn our eyes back to Jesus! Just as i write this that great hymn Jesus, All for Jesus has come into my head!All Glory to Him, Amen!

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