Learning from you kids is crucial.

Here’s what I learned this morning.

Learning From You KidsI don’t know if you have the same kind of problems that I do, but I will put it this way. A 14 year old “teenage drummer” is something to be aware of.

I remember the days when I was learning to play the saxophone. The entire neighborhood knew I was starting to play the sax. The fact is that Matt, our 14 year old son, is learning to play drums. So this was the family discussion: electronic or acoustic drum set?

To help you see Matt’s perspective, I have to tell you that HE was the one who wanted the electronic drums. It wasn’t the rest of us begging for the invaluable feature of playing with headphones. He was the one who wanted to be able to rehearse as loud as he wanted without bothering anyone else. That was not only an example of how much he cares for us, but it also taught me an important lesson.

I tried for weeks to persuade him to chose the acoustic (“real” from my perspective) drums but with no success. I mentioned the benefit of the real cymbals and the half-opened hi hat. I showed him the richness of playing fills with harmonics and did my best to share why I thought (and still think) the electronic drums were not the best option for him. I even gave him this article to read, but, honestly, I wasn’t getting my point across.

Learning from your kids

God gave me the opportunity to sit down with him and listen to his reasons and motives for choosing the electronic set and also learn about life itself. After a few minutes, I understood it was not about the drums. It was about his personality! I love to hear a not-perfectly-tuned super-loud acoustic drum set, even if I’m rehearsing (BTW I don’t care if I’m bordering the rest of the family. That happens when you have musicians in your family, right?). Matt, on the other hand, loves the freedom of being in his own world without affecting others. He’s fascinated with the fact that his drum set will sound perfectly tuned and processed. It fits with his personality: organized, structured and meticulous.

That vain conversation about which drum set to buy became a great opportunity to understand each other better and learn how unique we all are. But the lesson didn’t end with our conversation. We decided to call Grandpa (he also loves music!) and tell him about what we were about to do!

Guess what happened! God taught me again but this time using my father. I called him and shared the story of how we were making that decision. He shared the story about how he decided between a Piano and a keyboard, too (easier decision, I guess) and was so grateful that we made him a part of our lives with this simple detail. A 5 minute call changed his day and ours too.

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God uses those around us to teach us everyday. Our job is to be sensitive. I learned two things this morning:

1) We all are different and unique, and when we realize this, we can understand and help each other better.

2) The more people that are involved, the more people that are blessed.

What are you learning from your kids? What is God teaching you through those around you? I’ll close with a phrase you may like to tweet: If you’re not learning from your kids, then you’re probably not paying enough attention to them (Mt 19:14).

If you're not learning from your kids, then you're not paying enough attention to them (Mt 19:14). Click To Tweet
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