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Ten tu Lugar – The way we came to know Christ

One of the greatest privileges of making music is having the possibility to share our experience and being a blessing to others who might be struggling with the same issues we did. This is exactly the reason why we made this video sharing with the Spanish speakers our own experience. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and we pray God will use it for His glory.

Our Story

As some of you may already know, both of us came to know Christ after about 3 years of marriage.  Long story short, we desperately needed someone to take control over our lives and to teach us how to truly love each other.

We let Christ be the one who determined how to live our lives and lead our marriage and family, and the rest is history. It hasn’t been easy, but our marriage and family have been transformed ever since.

Ten Tu Lugar

This song called “Ten Tu Lugar” (“Come Take Your Place” in Spanish) is the result of our own experience. After one of those countless arguments (even after being Christians) in the midst of the storm, I was praying and expressing to God my frustration for making the same mistakes over and over.

I realized that the same feeling which drew us to the Gospel (the need for God to take control of our lives) was what we needed to do in order to improve our marriage, as well. Then, I grabbed my guitar and started putting chords and notes to this idea.

It’s been more than 7 years since the day we sang it for the first time and we’ve never been more convinced that the only way to a successful Christian marriage is to let Christ be the center of it and humbly tell Him: “Come Take Your Place”.

Therefore, without further ado, one of our most intimate songs: “Ten Tu Lugar”

Ten Tu Lugar – Augusto & Vale

En el mes del amor y la amistad queremos compartir una canción con ustedes:
“Ten Tu Lugar” de nuestro álbum #TodoVaAEstarBien

Posted by Augusto and Vale on jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017


Here’s the translation of the lyrics (in case you want to see what we are singing in Spanish):

Come Take Your Place

What is wrong? What’s going on with us?

How could we let ourselves come this far, again?


We messed up, we let it get away…

No joy, no peace, no faith

It’s time to clear the way


Come take Your place.

Come take your place and lead the way

Come take your place,

restore the broken hearts, we pray.

Come take your place,

Come take your place and guide us all the way.

Jesus Christ, come take Your place.


Oh, Lord, you are Good

My stronghold in trouble

You know me, my soul will trust in Thee.


What is your life experience? Is there any song that express what you have been through?

10 Things God Taught Us While Visiting America

After visiting America I thought I should write this post about 10 things God has taught us during the trip. Why? Because I think all of us should have an international experience as part of our education. I do believe that when we visit other cultures we learn about ourselves. God definitely uses these experiences to teach us and show us what we need to change in our own culture as well.


So, after getting to know about 30 churches in over 15 states, and listening to hundreds of America’s leaders, here are the top 10 things God taught us while visiting America.

Visting America Continue reading

Learning From Your Kids

Learning from you kids is crucial.

Here’s what I learned this morning.

Learning From You KidsI don’t know if you have the same kind of problems that I do, but I will put it this way. A 14 year old “teenage drummer” is something to be aware of.

I remember the days when I was learning to play the saxophone. The entire neighborhood knew I was starting to play the sax. The fact is that Matt, our 14 year old son, is learning to play drums. So this was the family discussion: electronic or acoustic drum set? Continue reading

5 Reasons Missionaries Raise Support For Missions Work

Why do you need Support for Missions work?

One of the most common questions I answer is this: Why do missionaries (and specifically my family) raise support for missions work? Three things often happen when I answer this question:

1) Some people understand a little bit more about the reality of other cultures and churches.

2) I have a great opportunity to give testimony of God’s faithfulness and His calling for our family.

3) People decide to become ministry partners through prayer, serving, connecting or giving financially.

Support for Missions

After seeing how God has been glorified through our testimony, we decided to share these five reasons why our family raises support for missions work

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