We all know music is an universal language. An obvious example of this is the FIFA World Cup. People from all over the globe was listening to the same notes and enjoying the same rythms.

Other example of the universality of music we have seen occurred while traveling to different countries. We’ve played, and listened to, music and feel the instant connection with people we could not even talk to after playing because of the different languages.

WeddingGoing deeper, we have seen how music can be also a great tool to connect with people in a different level. We have used our musical talents to build “relational bridges” and make new friends. This simple concept is particularly useful when we want to develop new relationships to share the Gospel with them.

God has used us in many ways through music, not only to bless the Church or spread His Word (a great way to use our gifts and talents), but also to make new friends and to open doors in ways that could never be possible without the “language” of music.

If you are good at something you should let God use you in this area and be part of what He is doing inside and outside the Church. What example comes to your mind when thinking about this? Remember, we are all good at something.

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