Family Worship

If you grew up surrounded by musicians you´ll understand this feeling. In our family, worship is a family issue. I cannot overstate how powerful it is to have a family worship time occasionally. No, I’m not talking about a full band, a projector, a PPT or bringing the hole worship ministry for a private concert for you.

I’m talking about picking up the guitar (or even the out of tune piano) and just sing and pray together for a few minutes. 2013-08-22 20.43.17

For those who are more audacious, you can just start singing before diner (yes! without any instruments, just your voices and hands) or do something creative to teach your family that worship is a funny and exciting thing!

What do you do to worship? I love reading and thinking about the verses that describe God and give Him the Glory, like Romans 11:33-36. Find your owns, make worship a hole experience, and remember that YES, it’s  a family issue, too.

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