It’s not working! Time To Rediscover Your Worship Ministry

Rediscover Your Worship MinistryHave you ever felt that your worship ministry is not growing as you thought it would? Maybe these 5 ideas can help you find a clue on how to give your ministry some fresh air.

1- Go back to the basics.

Yes, we’ve heard about it so many times. We have to go back to the basics…to the original purpose for our worship ministry.

What I mean is quite simple. Sometimes we get so distracted by the details that we might lose the reason for those details. Sometimes worship leaders get so distracted by the details that lose the reason for those details. Click To Tweet


Just keep it simple. Ask yourself these kinds of questions:

– Is this arrangement going to help the congregation to worship the Lord in a better way? Am I wasting time trying to make myself look professional in the eyes of the board or the pastors?

-Does my team have a clear idea of what we are doing and why are we doing it? Am I communicating well our vision?

– Am I praying for God to lead us and develop our team?

2- Work on your skills.

Everything we've #learned could be used by God to help our #ministry grow Click To Tweet

I’m sure you have a comfort zone (I certainly do!). Step away from it. Learn about any skill that might help your ministry to grow.

Rediscover Your Worship Ministry

Technical stuff, leadership skills, music. Almost everything you learn can be used to help your ministry grow.

3- Set goals!Rediscover Your Worship Ministry

If you’re not in heaven, then your worship ministry can be improved. Even if you are leading a mega-church or a home-church you can do it better. What would your next step in ministry look like? Adding a PPT to your worship service? Creating your own worship music? Streaming your service into a multi-site church? Using backing tracks? There’s always something new waiting to be accomplished. Want an example? In a few weeks I’ll be part of an international, multi-site, bilingual worship service. Only our imagination sets the limits.

4- Get others involved (it can’t hurt).

Be intentional in training others to serve in ministry! Yes, it takes time at the beginning and yes, you might not perceive them to be as gifted as you. But guess what: They’ll be better than you are if you give them the right tools and motivation! (Not to mention the Biblical/Theological reasons for doing so found in Ephesians 4).

5- Pray!

If your ministry is not growing as expected, prayer is the most important thing you should consider doing. When we are praying for our ministry, for our team, for the congregation, for the new generation of worship leaders of our church and for the glory of God to be proclaimed through us, great things will happen. God tunes our hearts towards Him when we pray.Worship Leaders: God #tunes our hearts towards Him when we #pray. Click To Tweet

Are you ready to try this simple ideas? You’ll be surprised by the impact this few tips can create in your ministry.

What do you think? What other ideas would you suggest to help the worship ministry of a local church? Share your thoughts!

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