3 Tips That Saved My MinistryBefore Facebook was even created (in 2004 if you were wondering) I faced probably the worst experience in my career as a musician and ever since, I follow these 3 tips that saved my ministry.

I won’t go deeper in the details but let’s just say that we had a contract to play in certain event and after doing the sound check, when we came back to the stage all our instruments were put aside and other musicians were taking our place in the event. We were pushed away!

Years later, after getting involved in the worship ministry and traveling around the world, similar things happened and, again, this 3 tips (all given to me by wise friends) saved my ministry.

3 Tips That Saved My Ministry

1- Focus on Worship, not on your own program.

Maybe the best thing you can do when something unexpected happens in your worship ministry is to humble yourself and let God teach you WHY He is allowing that to happen. He is not surprised by the unexpected! Should He be? There’s no such thing for Him.

Adversity in ministry is sometimes the way God uses to test our willingness to follow Him (1 Pe 1:3-12). It’s a very good opportunity to show those around you what you are really  made of.

Adversity is sometimes the way God uses to test our willingness to follow Him (1 Pe 1:3-12). Click To Tweet

2- Be prepared for everything.

One other occasion,  I thought we were invited to a church to sing a special song (maybe for the offertory, or after the message) in a conservative church, but when we got there I was surprised again. This time, I was on the other side of the street!

The church, a very enthusiastic congregation, was expecting me to preach and lead worship. I cannot overstate how much I gave thanks to God that morning for these two advices I listened to years ago when I was in seminary:3 Tips That Saved My Ministry

a) Be always ready to preach. On time and out of time!

b) Be always prepared to sing, because you never know when you will find yourself leading a group in worship.


When the moment comes there are only two options, youare ready or you’re not.

3- Don’t take your ministry for granted.

Other story in the “Top 5 things I wouldn’t like to do again” (maybe I should list them on a future blog post) taught me that, when you take your ministry for granted, God might show you how important it was by removing you from that privilege. Or even worse! He may let you do ministry in your flesh and, believe me, there’s no worse place to be than in a ministry God is not going before.

There's no worse place to be than in a ministry God is not going before (Psalm 127:1). Click To Tweet

We could even go one step further and say: don’t take GOD for granted. We can only keep our hearts and minds focused on doing ministry in God’s way if we are in a deep, close relationship with Him. That is the antidote to a meaningless ministry: God’s presence in our lives and ministry.

I’m sure you have your own tips. What have you learned form experience? What advice would you like someone would have given you when you started in the worship ministry?



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