5 Strategic Reasons To Do Missions in Latin America

I started this post seated on a plane on my way to Mexico preparing to do missions in Latin America. As usual, while facing big changes in life, we tend to see things from a higher perspective and make plans for the following years.

That’s why I thought it would be great to write down this 5 strategic reasons to do missions in Latin America.

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10 Things God Taught Us While Visiting America

After visiting America I thought I should write this post about 10 things God has taught us during the trip. Why? Because I think all of us should have an international experience as part of our education. I do believe that when we visit other cultures we learn about ourselves. God definitely uses these experiences to teach us and show us what we need to change in our own culture as well.


So, after getting to know about 30 churches in over 15 states, and listening to hundreds of America’s leaders, here are the top 10 things God taught us while visiting America.

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3 Crucial Pieces of Advice for New Pastors

Advice for new pastors

I have to be honest, when I was writing this post with some advice for new pastors I was tempted to follow the crowd and come up with some fancy title like “three things I wish I knew when I started my ministry”. The problem is that I knew this advice several years before I started serving at the church. Then, after praying, I kept the fancy title on hold for another day.

What I am sharing today is not what I wanted someone to tell me when I started my pastoral ministry. I am bringing three simple things I wish I paid more attention to in my first years in a leadership position at the church. Three things that can make your ministry less painful than mine. Continue reading

Learning From Your Kids

Learning from you kids is crucial.

Here’s what I learned this morning.

Learning From You KidsI don’t know if you have the same kind of problems that I do, but I will put it this way. A 14 year old “teenage drummer” is something to be aware of.

I remember the days when I was learning to play the saxophone. The entire neighborhood knew I was starting to play the sax. The fact is that Matt, our 14 year old son, is learning to play drums. So this was the family discussion: electronic or acoustic drum set? Continue reading

5 Reasons Missionaries Raise Support For Missions Work

Why do you need Support for Missions work?

One of the most common questions I answer is this: Why do missionaries (and specifically my family) raise support for missions work? Three things often happen when I answer this question:

1) Some people understand a little bit more about the reality of other cultures and churches.

2) I have a great opportunity to give testimony of God’s faithfulness and His calling for our family.

3) People decide to become ministry partners through prayer, serving, connecting or giving financially.

Support for Missions

After seeing how God has been glorified through our testimony, we decided to share these five reasons why our family raises support for missions work

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3 Tips That Saved My Ministry

3 Tips That Saved My MinistryBefore Facebook was even created (in 2004 if you were wondering) I faced probably the worst experience in my career as a musician and ever since, I follow these 3 tips that saved my ministry. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Key

Choosing the right key

I have suffered in ministry! Some of the most painful moments occurred when I made bad decisions choosing the right key for a song. 🙂

Believe me, you can ruin a whole worship experience just by choosing the wrong key for a song. Hope these do’s and don’ts help you as much as they have helped me.

3 Things To Avoid

When we are choosing the right key for a song, I think we should try to avoid some common mistakes. The perfect key for any song will avoid these 3 problems: Continue reading

15 Citas impactantes de Coalición Por El Evangelio

TGC  – The Gospel Coalition

#Coalicion15The Gospel Coalition (Coalicion Por El Evangelio) es un ministerio interdenominacional que busca poner el Evangelio en el centro del cristianismo. Su declaración de propósito esta, a mi entender, a 2 milímetros del centro del corazón de Dios:

“Somos una comunidad de iglesias evangélicas profundamente comprometidas con la renovación de nuestra fe en el evangelio de Cristo y la reforma de nuestras prácticas de ministerio para conformarlas plenamente a las Escrituras.”  – Coalición Por El Evangelio

Este año, en #Coalicion15 Dios obró en la vida de los líderes latinos y estas son algunas de las citas impactantes de la conferencia.
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Worship Will Never Be The Same

Unique Opportunities

I am not going to say anything new about worship leaders: their struggles are the same all around the world. As we have traveled, God has blessed our family by allowing us to observe many different styles of ministry. We have learned that the way we lead worship will never be the same again. Here are some examples of what I’ve seen in different countries and cultures among worship leaders.

Worship will never be the same
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What Is Our Cross Made Of?

This is the time in the year that everyone is somehow connected to the Cross. Music, activities, vacation, everything remind us we need to look at the cross and reflect on the work of Jesus.

What is our cross

As we are exposed to this, we tend to forget one of the most simple facts about the Cross. Continue reading

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